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Established in March, 2009, Solid Covers, Inc. fabricates window sills, wall caps, shower seats, shower curbs, shower wall panels, soap dishes and other products made out of solid surface acrylic material in Ocala, Florida. With a construction background, two of the co-founders began offering a product that could be shipped with minimum breakage and was easy to install with standard tools. In addition to the window sill, an array of matching products was offered, such as wall caps and thresholds.

In 2014, they developed the Solid Simple Sill that could be installed over an existing sill. It glues directly onto a wood, marble or drywall sill and instantly adds a new, stylish look to the window. All products are resistant to stains, are LEED™ and GREENGUARD™ compliant and do not crack or fade.

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Bacteria Resistant

Will not promote mold and mildew growth

Stain Resistant

No required sealing

UV Resistant

Will not fade

Heat Resistant

Will not promote flame