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What are Solid Covers window sills made of?
All Solid Covers window sills are manufactured using high quality solid surface acrylic material. This material is the preferred material in medical, healthcare, food service, assisted living, dormitory and gym franchise facilities.

Features and Benefits of Solid Surface Acrylic Products

  • Nonporous: 100% acrylic based surfaces are solid, nonporous, waterproof and do not require sealing. They are naturally resistant to heat, mold, mildew and staining.
  • Care and Maintenance: Acrylic Solid Surface is much easier care and repair than Marble, Granite and other surfaces. Any marks, nicks or scratches can be easily and simply buffed out with light grade material, and being SEAMLESS, there are no grout lines, edge seams or cracks
  • Workable: Can be cut, scroll cut, routed and sanded with standard wood working tools…and no painting
  • Longevity: Strong, durable and 100% UV resistant, Acrylic Solid Surface surpasses the best attributes of high end traditional products like Marble and Granite
  • Renewable: The brilliance of Acrylic Solid Surface is that no matter the nick, scratch, stain or age of the product, it can be restored to original condition.
  • Versatility: Acrylic Solid Surface material is ideal for both custom design as well as solving “problem” situations with its flexibility, workability and capability to blend with any décor, its optimal design thicknesses (1/2”) ideal for sills, wall caps, countertops, shelving, surrounds and other surfaces
  • NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) Class 51 Splash and Food zone approved, safe for food preparation, and is a superior hygienic surface widely used in healthcare, medical, school and fitness construction applications
  • Warranty: The superior quality results in extremely low warranty claims and minimal call backs and is backed by a fully transferable 10-year warranty

What colors are offered?
The most popular colors for all solid surface products offered by Solid Covers are white and tan. However, they can be manufactured in any color offered by the manufacturers.

What products are available?
Solid Covers offers

  • window sills – new construction and replacement
  • wall caps
  • shower products: wall caps – curb caps – seats – soap dishes
  • floor thresholds
  • chair rails

How do I remove stains and scratches, if they occur?
A great advantage to solid surface is it is renewable…Sand the surface with medium grit sandpaper, progress to a fine grit then a scotch-brite pad then a polishing cloth to return the surface to its original luster. Test on a small area first. Clean with a mild soap.

What is the warranty period?
Solid Covers products have a limited 10 year warranty

Can Solid Covers products be painted?

Yes. For best results, sand the surface with fine sandpaper, thoroughly clean and paint using an acrylic paint.

How do I order Solid Covers products?
Fill out the contact form or call us for pricing and shipping information. Discount pricing is available for large volume orders.

Bacteria Resistant

Will not promote mold and mildew growth

Stain Resistant

No required sealing

UV Resistant

Will not fade

Heat Resistant

Will not promote flame