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What are Solid Covers window sills made of?
All Solid Covers window sills are manufactured using high quality solid surface acrylic material. It is will not yellow, rot, peel or crack. It is LEED® and GREENGUARD® rated and accepted in medical and food service environments.

What colors are offered?
The most popular colors for all solid surface products offered by Solid Covers are white and tan. However, they can be manufactured in any color offered by the manufacturers. The Solid Simple Sill by Solid Covers is offered only in white at this time.

What products are available?
Solid Covers offers window sills for new construction and replacement sills, wall caps, chair rails, floor thresholds, shower surrounds and the Solid Simple Sill by Solid Covers that fits over and is adhered to an existing window sill.

Can Solid Covers products be painted?
Yes. For best results, sand the surface with fine sandpaper, clean it and paint with an acrylic paint.

How do I remove stains and scratches, if they occur?
Sand the surface with medium grit sandpaper. Test on a small area first. Clean with a mild soap.

What is the warranty period?
Solid Covers products have a limited warranty up to 15 years depending on manufacturer.

How do I order Solid Covers products?
The Solid Simple Sill by Solid Covers can be ordered online. Call us for pricing and shipping information if you wish to place a large order or to order all other products.

Bacteria Resistant

Will not promote mold and mildew growth

Stain Resistant

No required sealing

UV Resistant

Will not fade

Heat Resistant

Will not promote flame