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Whether you have a Do-It-Yourself project to totally remodel an entire room or just want to change the look of your windows, the Simple Sill by Solid Covers provides you with a beautiful sill that is simple to install. With your measurements, we provide you with a custom cut sill that fits over your existing sill, eliminating the need to tear out the old sill that can cause damage to the surrounding drywall and window frame.
The Simple Sill adds timeless style to your room. It is waterproof and mold and stain resistant. It does not rot, peel or fade and is low maintenance. It provides the perfect place for your herbs and flowering plants to absorb the sun streaming through your window.

Upgrade your old wood, marble or drywall sill in 4 simple steps:

  1. Measure your sill.
  2. Order your sill.
  3. Apply an adhesive to your clean existing sill.
  4. Install your custom cut Simple Sill, caulking around it and enjoy your new look.

The Simple Sill by Solid Covers is available only in white and in 2 styles. The Standard style has a straight edge on the sides. The Premium Style has an “ear” that wraps around the wall at each end of the sill.
For a new construction project or a renovation project that involves demolishing and re-building walls and windows, see our custom made window sills and provide Solid Covers with your contact information. We can discuss styles, colors, pricing and installation.

Click here for Written Instructions, Diagrams and watch our Instructional Video for Installation.
Call us for answers to your questions, if they are not in our FAQ section.

Bacteria Resistant

Will not promote mold and mildew growth

Stain Resistant

No required sealing

UV Resistant

Will not fade

Heat Resistant

Will not promote flame